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Momentum Health promotes a healthy, active lifestyle regardless of who you are, your age and where you come from. Since we want our members to take care of their health, Momentum also rewards them for it. With Momentum’s HealthReturns*, you can earn up to R12 000 per adult per year. To earn the total HealthReturns available, your Healthy Heart Score needs to be Green or Amber, you need to be on Multiply Premier’s Private level, you need to have chosen to receive your HealthReturns into your HealthSaver account and you need to have more than 16 Active Dayz per month. You can also earn additional GP visits and increased in-hospital specialist cover through the HealthReturns programme.

Even though our members have the choice of deciding how they want to spend this money, the HealthSaver* offers the perfect vehicle to extend access to day-to-day benefits by saving that extra cash for when you need to cover any unforeseen healthcare expenses.


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