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Multiply your Rewards

As a Momentum Health member, you automatically qualify for free Multiply Starter membership. This means you can begin your journey to wellness and enjoy limited access to rewards along the way. However, to experience the real value of Multiply, you can upgrade to a paid-for version of the programme, Multiply Provider or Multiply Premier.

Multiply Provider offers great value for you and the whole family. If you want to save on everyday living expenses like groceries, clothing and education then this is the choice for you.

Multiply Premier is our full option that offers maximum discounts and the opportunity to save on life’s essential cover like life insurance and short-term insurance, as long as your policies are with Momentum. Momentum Health members can get up to R12 000 back in HealthReturns from Momentum (excluding Ingwe).

To find out more, visit the Multiply website, click here

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