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Enjoy more Day-to-Day cover with HealthSaver

The HealthSaver offered by Momentum has been designed so you can tailor your healthcare savings to meet your exact needs. You can even pay your Momentum Health contribution from your positive HealthSaver balance.

It is a savings vehicle for medical expenses, not covered by your medical aid option, such as:

Medical savings account contributions are fixed by law and limited to a maximum of 25% of your option contribution, whereas the HealthSaver is totally flexible; you can increase and decrease your savings amount without changing your option. In addition, medical savings accounts can only be used for scheme-defined day-to-day expenses, whereas HealthSaver covers the costs of ANY healthcare expense including cosmetic surgery and refractive eye surgery, provided the claim has a valid nappi code and/or tariff code.

You can activate your HealthSaver by completing and submitting an application form, available from the call centre (contact them on 0860 11 78 59) or by logging onto www.momentumhealth.co.za

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